Clutch refers to a small handbag that women use for any special or formal occasion. It is the most sophisticated accessory that will add style, glamour and grace to your look. Clutch is usually without the handle, you have to clutch it- according the name:) But some clutches come with a strap that can be removed when not in use, allowing the wearer to sling the purse over a shoulder. Some clutches features wrist band so you can slip it onto a wrist. Clutches have been popular among ladies through out the decades. First clutch purses appeared in England during the Victorian era. That time every proper lady carried reticule in which she used to have handkerchief and smelling salts. Reticules then went out of fashion, but came back in 1940s during the World War II. During this era handbags were manufactured from materials like raffia or were crocheted from yarn. Some women started to crocheted their own clutches from commercial patterns. After the war clutch purse became the evening accessory of elegant women everywhere. Clutches were made of Lucite, Bakelite, silk, satin or brocade. Some women tailored their clutch to match their dress and shoes. There are many types of clutches. You can choose the color that will match with your outfit. Neutral tones suit a variety of outfits and bolder colors are perfect for dress up. Popular are also leather and crocodile-style clutches that are sturdy and good for day-to-day wear. For evening occasion you can choose clutches from delicate fabric such as silk and decorated with beads.
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