Scaasi Black Velvet Drop Waist Dress with Brocade Skirt & Bloussant Sleeves

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Brand: Scaasi
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There are so many interesting elements going on in this vintage Scassi dress. The drop waist, the puffy sleeves, the metallic brocade skirt, all these 1980s elements together make it so over the top that this vintage designer dress is fantastic. The bodice of this vintage dress is in a plush black velvet. Short capped bloussant sleeves are filled with tulle and have lots of volume. Straight across square neckline, and fitted shape. Drop waist falls into a ribbed brocade material with metallic black velvet pattern. The skirt of this vintage cocktail dress is a short flirty length with tulle underneath to give it added volume. Fully lined. This vintage black dress is so 80s, it's fabulous!