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The Vintage Fashionistas

8 Reasons to Wear Vintage Clothing on Earth Day

Posted by Steven on Apr 22nd 2015

The care of our environment is so important that we no longer have just Earth Day, it is now Earth Month. Vintage clothing, as well as reusing and re-purposing clothing in general is a great way to do … read more

Let’s Do Coachella, Woodstock Style

Posted by Steven on Apr 9th 2015

This Friday marks the beginning of Coachella an annual Music Festival that began back in 1999. Located in Indio, CA the multi-genre, multi-staged festival spans two three-day weekends, with many peopl … read more

Springtime Hats, Where is my Easter Bonnet?

Posted by Steven on Mar 28th 2015

The Origin of the Easter Bonnet Like all fashionable women, I will use any excuse to go shopping. Apparently this is nothing new. Easter Bonnets became a popular tradition as an excuse to buy somethi … read more