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Sizing & Condition

Because we offer clothing from a wide range of makers and eras, sizing is not uniform. Each designer's sizes are slightly different and vintage sizes generally run one to two sizes smaller than contemporary ones. Unless you are very familiar with the way a particular brand fits you, we suggest you take your measurements and compare them to those we have posted for each item.
It is also helpful to take the measurements of something in your wardrobe that fits you very well for comparison. We measure garments hanging up or laying flat, so remember to allow some room for ease of movement around your body, depending on the desired fit of the item.
Shoulders: Measure from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.
Bust: Measure from underneath the arms and across the chest. Double this measurement.
Sleeve length: Measure from shoulder seam to end of sleeve.
Waist: Measure the slimmest part of the garment or in the case of a low-rise item, measure the waistband. Double this measurement.

Rise: Measure from the waistband to the center of the crotch.
Hips: Measure around the fullest part of the garment, about seven inches below the natural waist. Double this measurement.
Inseam: Measure from the crotch of the pants to the bottom hem.
Overall length: For a shirt or a dress, measure from the shoulder to the hem.
For pants or a skirt, measure from the waistband to the hem.


            I know taking measurements can be an inconvenience, but it will save you a lot of hassle in the end if the garment does not fit.  Vintage sizes are very unpredictable, as are different brand names, and European sizes.  Do not rely on the listed size, but on the actual measurements.  

Women's Dress Size Chart:

Dress Size Chart

Shoe Size Chart:

Shoe Size Chart


Condition Report, Quality Guarantee

            We here at Back-In-Style are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality garments in fine condition.  Because of our high standards, in order to appear on our site, an item must be of excellent workmanship, design, and materials, and in at excellent condition, unless it is of exceptional rarity, uniqueness or beauty.  All of the items listed in our site are described with a condition report.  Any flaws a garment may have are noted in the description.