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Sandals are open type of footwear, simply consisting of a sole held to the foot using straps passing over the instep or around the ankle. Sandals are amazing and sophisticated type of shoes. What better footwear can you choose for hot summer days to keep your feet cool and dry? Sandals are not only practical but also highly fashionable and available in many types and colors. Sandals are nowadays a summer necessity. You can chose from large variety depending on your needs and style. High heel sandals will add some elegance and glamour to your look. Flat sandals are perfect for everyday use, for casual or more formal occasion. Sole of sandals can be made out of wood, leather, rubber or tatami, depending on their function. Most sandals have strap or lace that holds them to the foot and that passes between toes, over the arch or around the ankle. Sandals are the oldest and most commonly found foot covering worldwide. The oldest sandals were dated 8 000 years old. Western culture traces the origins of the sandal from ancient Egyptians, who wore sandals made of palm-leaves and papyrus. Egyptians considered sandals as a symbol of the pharaoh's sovereignty. The word sandal comes from its Latin name sandalium. Sandals were worn through out the all decades from ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to the modern times. High-fashion sandals have remained a staple in women's wardrobes since the 1930s. In early twentieth century low-heeled sandals made of wide leather or cotton straps became a popular beach footwear. By the late 1930s, the sandal was a fully reinstated necessity in a fashionable shoe wardrobe and included styles for all times of day.