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The Vintage Fashionistas

Time For A Miss Vintage USA?

Posted by Mel Saunders on Mar 18th 2015

Last month, Holly Foster hit the headlines in the UK for her comments about vintage fashion’s link to respect and propriety while contrasting it with Miley Cyrus. While most people concentrated on her … read more

Celebrity Style: Nicole Richie’s LAX Look

Posted by Natali on Feb 4th 2015

  Mastering a chic airport look is no easy task. Nicole Richie takes her own style to the skies with her LAX look. She was spotted on Sunday wearing this relaxed yet whimsical look. In addition … read more

Trend Alert: Return of the Ugg-ly Shoe

Posted by Natali on Feb 2nd 2015

Picture Credit: Rex Features Fashion has noticeably embraced some questionable footwear lately. From Birkenstock’s to Bean Boots, there has been a revival in the fashion community of many quirky … read more

How to style: Vintage Cardigans

Posted by Janessa Cuba on Jan 27th 2015

Although wearing vintage is both fabulous and fun, many times it can seem challenging. See below as our Style Consultant Janessa shows us how to style a vintage cardigan for a modern look. Transcript … read more

Designer Spotlight: Betsey Johnson

Posted by Natali on Jan 12th 2015

Betsey Johnson has been America’s quirkiest fashion designer for a long time. Her edgy style rose in popularity in the late 1970s during the new wave era and is still popular today. Her brand is … read more