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5 Ways to Wear Summer Scarves

Posted by Natali on Jul 30th 2014

Scarves are a great way to add a personal touch to any outfit. This accessory is perfect for all seasons. There are so many different ways to style scarves, making them summer’s chicest accessory! Here’s a quick guide for rocking your favorite scarves:

Stylish Scarves

Add a pop of color.

Refresh your standard denim outfit with a scarf as a pop of color. Scarves can add an unexpected and exciting element to an outfit. They’re an easy way to play with color or different patterns that might intimidate you otherwise. One tiny piece of fabric can have a big impact if styled correctly.

Wear as a head scarf.


The Wonder Forest’s Guide to Styling Head Scarves

If you’re in a boho mood, wear your scarf as a head scarf. This is a perfect look for the beach or relaxed summer events, where you want to stand out but still stay cool in the hot weather. Need inspiration for styling head scarves? Check out this great tutorial, “How to Tie a Head Scarf for Summer” from

Channel your inner sailor.

Wear your scarf around your neck for a nautical look. Pick a scarf with red, white or blue in the pattern for the full effect! Wearing your scarf this way also has a very vintage vibe, a favorite of the Vintage Fashionistas!

Baar & Beards Blue and Coral Retro Silk Scarf at

Baar & Beards Blue and Coral Retro Silk Scarf at

Replace your jacket on a night out.

Summer outfits don’t typically revolve around staying warm, but on your nights out, you may want to add a light layer. Instead of wearing a jacket or sweater, use a scarf! Drape your scarf around your shoulders for an elegant and warm outfit.

Tie around handle of bag.

For a tres chic look, tie your scarf around the handle of your bag for a French feel. This is a great way to use your light silk scarves from summer into fall when it gets a bit chillier.

How do you wear your favorite scarves? There are so many different ways to wear an outfit with a scarf. The way you choose to style your scarf sets your personal style apart from the rest.

Check out to add even more beautiful and chic scarves to your summer wardrobe!

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