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A Very Vintage Halloween

Posted by Natali on Oct 13th 2014

Are you ready for Halloween? Its just around the corner, so get your costumes ready. Whether you’re trick or treating with the kids or going to a ghoulish gala, take a look at some inspiration for vintage Halloween costumes from Back in Style!

1920s Flapper

The swinging twenties are all the rage these days with the success of movies like “The Great Gatsby”. A 1920’s Flapper is a very easy option for a vintage Halloween costume! Pick a sparkly dress with a bit of fringe, like this Black Flapper Cocktail Dress. Look for dresses with dropped waist for a true roaring twenties costume. Be sure to accent your costume with a strand of pearls and a feathery headpiece for the full flapper effect. If you’re living in a colder climate, you can add stockings and gloves to this costume for a bit more warmth. For a makeup look thats the bee’s knees, go for a big doe-eyed look, with dark, smudgy eyeshadow and lots of mascara. Finish your makeup look with red lipstick! As for hair, bobs and finger rolls were very popular in the 1920s!


A Very Vintage Halloween- 1920s Flapper

Silent Film Star

For an original vintage Halloween look, dress as a silent film star! While the costume itself is pretty easy, the challenge is the gray scale makeup to make a black & white film star come to life. Carry around a black and white screen card with writing and keep quiet for an authentic silent film star costume. If you like this costume idea, take a look at this blog post for more inspiration! For Back in Style’s take on the silent film star costume, go for a complete black and white get-up with this vintage Rodier Black and White Knit Sweater Dress, a 1940s Black Scarf Style Hat, and a Whiting and Davis Vintage White Mesh Purse.

A Very Vintage Halloween- Silent Film Star

 A Very Vintage Halloween- Silent Film Star

Bonnie from “Bonnie and Clyde”

This would be a great costume idea for couples! The infamous duo is an easy last-minute costume if you’ve put of your costume search until the last minute. For Clyde, men should wear a pinstriped suit and a fedora. Channel your inner 1930s outlaw with this sweater and skirt combination from Back in Style. Top off the look with a scarf and beret for the ultimate vintage Halloween costume. Hair and makeup are minimal for this costume. Just wear your hair straight underneath your stylish beret. What a glamorous take on America’s most infamous outlaws!


A Very Vintage Halloween- Bonnie and Clyde

A Very Vintage Halloween- Bonnie and Clyde

’80s Prom Queen


A Very Vintage Halloween- '80s Prom Queen

 A Very Vintage Halloween- ’80s Prom Queen

For a totally rad vintage Halloween costume, dress up as a 1980’s Prom Queen! All you need is an ’80s party dress, like this Victor Costa Teal Blue Ruched Cotton Cocktail Dress with 1980’s Bow. Top off your vintage Halloween look with a tiara, white gloves, and this vintage Barbara Bolan White Leather Handbag. For 80’s hair and makeup, go big or go home! Think big, ’80s hair and bright makeup for a fresh 80’s prom queen look!

Find these looks and more at! What will you be wearing this Halloween?

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