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Are These New Fashion Trends Looking To Overtake The Vintage Clothing Market In 2019?

Posted by Natalie Wilson on Jan 25th 2019

Vintage Alberto Makali Royal Purple Stars Skirt Suit Ensemble

Vintage is a look which saw huge growth in the AW18 season thanks to silk scarves, tweed fabric and 80s silhouettes. Vintage prints, such as silk scarf prints and heritage checks, are still very prominent and add an air of sophistication to any wardrobe. Dress trends, including 80’s inspired prom style and wallpaper florals, featured heavily across Instagram feeds over the party season.

However, much like with every season, new trends pop up and start to demand popularity. SS19 looks set to promise big things, with the majority of designers focusing on the “you do you” theme and female empowerment. The next season looks to feature bold designs and colours, which comes in stark contrast to the muted hues and vibes that feature heavily in vintage style clothing. So, are these new fashion trends looking to overtake the vintage clothing market in 2019?

Colourful Tailoring

A well-tailored suit is a wardrobe staple. When you have one which is a good quality and fit, it is evergreen and will likely last you for a long time. With SS19’s focus, suits look to get a colour injection of the brightest shades.

Trousers, shirts, skirts and jackets look to pack a punch when worn as a full look, or can be mixed up or dressed down with softer hues or denim pieces. If you want to embrace the trend, then start off with a piece that is either subtle or gives a striking statement - look at pastels or block colours. Whatever shape or style you choose, make sure it is all about the colour.


Red Nautical Double Breasted Blazer with Navy Collar and Gold Buttons

Throwback and nostalgia styles are nothing new, with these trends harking back a good few seasons now. But, one trend which is set to be huge thanks to its mass appeal is the early-Nineties trend that is set to rock the runways this season. Think of the clothing that characters from 90’s tv shows wore - boxy blazers, clashing graphics and XL sizings.

Graphic tees were a huge trend last year, and those t-shirts look to get a makeover with bold colours and TV graphics featuring heavily. Acid and light-wash denim is already seeing a huge resurgence and this only looks to get bigger over the next few months.

Eco-Friendly Brands

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that fashion is having on the environment, with the fashion industry now the second most polluting industry in the world, behind only oil. Many shoppers are now choosing to purchase their clothing from ethical and eco-friendly companies, knowing that their choices are less likely to have such a damaging effect on the environment.

From brands who rear their own sheep’s wool for their hugely-popular coats and jackets and high waisted gym leggings created from Econyl, which is a material made from abandoned fishing nets and post-consumer waste, to companies who only use eco-friendly and recycled packaging materials, the growth in environmentally friendly fashion is set to see huge growth this year as consumers look to change their shopping habits.

However, the vintage clothing market also looks set to go through huge growth this year. Due to popular demand, vintage fashion trends are making their way onto the shelves of clothes shops in every city and the interest in vintage and flea markets is rapidly increasing. As women begin to have a bigger role in society, the workplace and politics, clothing trends are quickly changing and adapting to grow around these roles and provide consumers with glamorous, yet powerful, clothing choices.