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Cashmere, the Transitional Fabric for Fall

Posted by Sheffield on Sep 11th 2015

Cashmere for Fall

Fall is just around the corner and there is no better fabric to ease the transition into cooler months than cashmere. Light weight, yet still warm, this special kind of wool is easy to throw over anything, even a sundress.

A Kashmir Goat by the RiverCashmere Facts – Did you know?

  • The insulating capacity of cashmere wool is approximately 3 times that of regular sheep wool. That’s why even a thin cashmere sweater can be so warm. This is also what makes it a great material for seasonal transitions. It adds warmth with out bulk!  Because it is so thin, it also makes a great layering piece.  Wear a cardigan over a sundress, or a V neck over a collared shirt.  Because of the light weight nature of the fibers you’ll still look trim and shapely.  No tents here!
  • Like most things, there is a wide range of quality of this fabric. Vintage cashmere tends to be of much better quality (as the cheap stuff would not have stood the test of time). If you want to do a test for yourself, here are a few ways to tell if your cashmere is good quality.
    • Rub the surface of the garment with your fingers. Poor quality cashmere will pill almost immediately.
    • Crush the sweater in your hand. Squish it into a ball. The fewer wrinkles, the higher the quality.
    • Gently pull the garment; good quality springs back to its original shape.
    • Look for pure fibers or wool blends only. Blends with synthetics can indicate that poorer quality cashmere was used.
  • Cashmere isn’t expensive because it is so soft and warm. It’s expensive because each Kashmir goat only produces 4-6 ounces of underdown (that’s where the cashmere comes from) per year! That’s what makes cashmere a luxury fiber.

J. Crew Pink & White Argyle Cashmere Henley SweaterLA Made Gray Tissue Cashmere V Neck Hooded Sweater Brunello Cucinelli Pale Green Cashmere Cable Knit Short Sleeve Sweater

Despite the luxury, we have managed to form a nice collection of high quality, excellent condition garments, and to help ease the pain, Back In Style is offering you 40% off all of our cashmere items.  That means you can buy a high quality sweater for just $25! Shop our entire Cashmere Category now! Begin your transition into fall and let us know how you will be pairing your new items!

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