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Coachella: A Fashion Show

Posted by Sheffield on Apr 15th 2016

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Who would have thought the Colorado Desert would be a place of fashion inspiration, and trend setting?  Coachella is not only a music festival, it’s a fashion show.  It’s just as cutting edge as the runway, and just as experimental as Fashion Week.  The difference is that in this fashion show, the models are real people wearing real clothes.  No 6 foot tall models in couture with make up artists and hair stylists spending hours getting ready.  These are just regular people (well sort of), rolling out of bed, (or their tent), and throwing on wonderfully creative eclectic looks.  Some of these looks will catch on, and some will remind you why you don’t use drugs.  But if you’re stuck in a fashion rut, and need some new ideas, Coachella is a great place to look for inspiration and it starts this weekend.  What is seen being worn out in the Colorado Desert sets the trends for Spring/Summer fashion and what we will all be wearing in the next few months, whether we attended Coachella or not.  (And you don’t have to attend to be fashionably inspired.  Just check social media and fashion magazines.  Everyone will be talking about it and posting photos of their favorite outfits.)  Here’s a preview of what Glamour Mag thinks will be popular.

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