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Designer Spotlight: Yves Saint Laurent

Posted by Natali on Sep 24th 2014

Yves Saint Laurent is a name known worldwide. The French fashion designer built an empire for himself and will forever be one of the greatest designers of fashion history. He was a major influence on the modern woman’s wardrobe and paved the way for ready to wear clothing.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent always had a passion for fashion. At 13, he was designing dresses for his mother and sister to wear. In 1955, he began working for Christian Dior, the biggest name in fashion at the time. In 1958, Saint Laurent made his first big splash into fashion by introducing his trapeze dresses. This style removed all the stuffiness of corsets and shoulder pads for a playful silhouette that hung freely.

In the 1960s, Saint Laurent was the “bad boy” of French fashion. He went against the grain and designed with wild prints and fresh shapes. His women’s trouser suits and sheer chiffon blouses were exciting yet scandalous when he introduced these designs. By 1980, Saint Laurent was an icon.

YSL Black Wrap Style Dress at Back in Style!

1970s YSL Black Wrap Style Dress at Back in Style!

He was the first fashion designer to have his own exhibit of his work in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. He is known for his signature style of feminine sophistication. His designs were fresh spins on classic style.

Saint Laurent’s final show was in January 2002, where he showed off more than 350 of his classic pieces and 40 new gowns. He died in 2008, but will always be one of fashion’s greatest icons.

To get even more of this iconic French fashion designer, check out not one, but two, biopics about him released this year: St. Laurent and Yves St. Laurent.

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