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Disappointing Vintage at the Oscars

Posted by Sheffield on Feb 28th 2012

Every year I look forward to the Oscars, not for the awards but for the red carpet.  The elegant gowns, or wild fashion statements, both are equally as exciting to me.  The oohs, and aahs, or huh? as the celebrities try to make the “Best Dressed List”, or one up each other in their uniqueness, originality, exclusivity, and appeal.

You’d think this would make a vintage dress high demand on the Red Carpet, since it tends to exhibit all of these qualities.  Vintage dresses are one of a kind, hard to find, different from what fashion designers are making now, wearable, and well made to flatter the female figure.  You would think this is exactly what every celebrity walking down the red carpet would want.  But apparently not.

Natalie Portman in Vintage 1954 DiorThis years display of vintage at the 2012 Academy Awards was not only disappointly low in number, and equally as disappointing in allure.  Yes, Nathalie Portman wore what by description should have been a stunning vintage dress,  a 1954 Christian Dior red strapless chiffon gown with black polka dots.  Sounds fabulous doesn’t it?  It wasn’t.  It was disappointing.  It wasn’t elegant, it wasn’t classic, it wasn’t sentimental, it wasn’t flattering, it wasn’t special, it wasn’t anything.  Just plain blah, like something a high school girl would have worn to the prom.  I guess vintage hasn’t come as far as we’d like.  That just means us vintage fashionistas have to work harder, showing the world how wearable and how fabulous vintage can be.

Nathalie Portman looksed classicly elegant in a 1954 Christian Dior Haute Couture vintage gown.  The strapless red dress with black polka dots

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