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Downton Abbey and Vintage Jewelry

Posted by Steven on Aug 6th 2013

If you are anything like us, you are counting down the days until “Downton Abbey” returns for their fourth season.  Besides the amazing storyline and character development, viewers are generally subjected to beautiful English countryside views, and (most importantly) the fabulous clothing of the period.

Vintage Fashion from Downton Abbey

If only we all still dressed like this…

Sadly, it seems like it is the accessories that get forgotten in today’s progressively more hectic world.  First the undergarments (no complaints there), but then the hats, and then the elaborate jewelry seem to not make it into everyday life.  On Downton, the jewelry is especially beautiful, and this season look for some key changes as the jewelry trends of the 1920s manifest themselves:

  1. While the rest of the world is wearing the first costume jewelry pieces ever made, they are probably buying authentic gemstones and diamonds at a place like 77 Diamonds.  Look for glass, alongside semi-precious stones, and polished metals.
  2. Authentic or costume aside.  Machine cutting and polishing should add some extra sparkle over the hand cut and polished versions.  This is when bling was born.
  3. Like the loose fitting dresses and other garments of the time period.  Necklaces got longer, and earrings droopier.  This accentuated the movement of every liberated woman of the 1920s.
  4. Jewelry will take a much more geometric form as art deco comes in, in contrast with the ornate and organic looking jewelry of the exiting period.
Vintage Rhinestone Necklace

Rhinestone Necklace

Vintage Art Deco Brooch

Art Deco Brooch

We have lots of vintage costume jewelry to complete your homage to one of our favorite eras (One Word: Chanel).  That should help you pass the time until Downton Abbey starts again.  If you are not sure how to put it all together, drop us a line and we can complete the look for you using your existing wardrobe and the most versatile pieces we have.

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