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Dressing for the Decade: 1920s

Posted by Natali on Aug 15th 2014

The roaring twenties were a time of intense social and political change. This change was reflected in the fashion of the time. A “new woman” came onto the social scene, what we know as the Flapper. Bobbed hair and short skirts became popular for women, as being “unladylike” was now in vogue.

1920s Flappers.  Via

1920s Flappers.

So what was popular in fashion in the 1920s?

Women wore drop-waist flapper dresses for both a fashion and social statement. Costume jewelry was popular as well as coats that fastened on the side. Women also wore cloches, or close-fitting hats, and preferred T-strap shoes.

For all those Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey lovers, this is the decade for you! In addition to really amazing fashion, this was also decade of great social change and freedom.

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