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Dressing for the Decade: Totally 1980s Fashion

Posted by Natali on Nov 12th 2014

Princess Diana rocking the 1980's shoulder pad look

Princess Diana rocking the 1980’s shoulder pad look

The Dressing for the Decade series continues with 1980s fashion, the epitome of big, over-the-top style. In this decade of excess and materialism, fashionistas without a doubt had fun with the playful style of the 1980s. Major style influences of the era were shows like Dallas and Miami Vice, and celebrities like Madonna and Princess Diana.

The style of the 1980s took on the changes in the workplace too. As more women emerged in the workplace, they needed to look fashionable while doing so. The “power suit” emerged reflecting their changing status. Shoulder pads were a popular addition to the women’s power suit.

But after a long week at work, how did the 80’s fashionista have fun? With over-the-top glamour of course! Bedazzled evening wear, big hair, and bold makeup were the go-to look of the decade.

Youth culture of the 1980s was also changing. Music strongly influenced fashion, particularly MTV. Madonna, the poster child of the 1980s, popularized underwear as outerwear, infusing this look into street fashion. Breaking away from the conservative mindset of past years, musicians like Boy George and David Bowie brought androgyny into the fashion scene.

11176469_800The fitness craze took over the 1980s and made its way into fashion. Dance and exercise wear translated from the gym to the runway with ease. Jane Fonda, a style icon of the era, was famous for her neon leotards and leg warmers in her popular exercise videos. Designers like Donna Karan incorporated body conscious fabrics into their clothing to reflect this trend. The movie Flashdance popularized the tight leggings paired with oversized sweatshirts with the necklines cut look.

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