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Fashion Mixology for Fall in the Sun

Posted by Sheffield on Sep 28th 2013

This is the first of a three part series of guest blog posts by the fabulous Miami stylist, Stephanie M. Guerra “Stiletto”.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Back in Style and its subscribers for giving me this amazing opportunity to be a guest blogger on Vintage Fashionistas. It is an absolute pleasure. I wanted to blog to all my beautiful fashion and vintage folks about what’s hot this season. I am happy to say that a lot of the trends are deriving from vintage glamour, vintage cool and vintage sophistication. I surely, am not at all upset about that. This year, we are seeing many inspirations from the 60s like thigh high boots and furs, inspirations from the Rock ages like motto jackets, and lots and lots of plaid, color, satchels and much more. Due to these unfortunate recessionary times, many of you like myself, find it a bit difficult to get a different wardrobe per trend. In an attempt to make it easier, I have come up with a solution called “Mixology,” the art of combining all of your fall trends into one in an attempt to be cost effective. Not only that, I am giving individuals who live in warmer states also like myself, tips on how they can incorporate Fall trends without burning in the sun. Hope you enjoy and thanks again.


I never thought I’d hear myself saying the words “It’s Fall! What do I wear?!” This is because growing up in the State of New Jersey where the weather is predominantly brisk, I, like the rest of my Jersians, though quite appreciative of floral printed dresses, short shorts, round hats, open toe shoes and all of the other fun apparel that comes along with warm weather, had my closet mainly filled with Winter/Fall pieces. Having now been residing in Miami for two years, my closet’s tenants aren’t as heavy and it often becomes a little difficult for me to style myself in Fall fashion. Yes I know, “a stylist having trouble styling herself?” Well lowering temperatures only come around once, maybe twice a year if we’re lucky so a faux fur coat isn’t exactly the best go-to look for this blazing Miami heat.

Plaid Jacket by Celine


Be Glad In Plaid

At first, this year in particular was quite the migraine and that was due to all of the amazing Fall looks designers brought down the runways. Such looks included the return of capes, plaid coats, tweed/wool and quilted skirts, sweaters, foreign ensembles and all of the other goodies I worried the heat would be way too strong for. Aside from the heat, my wallet is not as bulk lately, therefore, I had to think of a Fashion 9-11 solution to my “beyond my budgetary means” problem, in order to gain membership into the Fall 2013 Trends Club. So if you’re a gal like myself who is stuck in a fashion bind albeit because of your sunny location or budget like I was, no need to worry. I’ve got the best Fall fashion options that are doable in the sun and that can work together beautifully.

The school girl has returned. Only this time, rather than being associated with Britney Spears, the school girl is associated with elegance and a cool Londonesque feel. While designers like Celine, plaided out their coats and capes, (design photographed above), try going plaid on your feet and use plaid accessories like a scarf on your handbag and apply a nice broach on top of it to draw more attention and give it flavor. With a nice red leather

Mixed Trends:

Mixed Trends:
• Plaid • Statement Necklace • Leather • Thigh Highs

Geoffrey Beene plaid dresspencil skirt, and a simple white-T that allows the rest of its friends to do the work, you will surely be turning heads. This season is all about statement necklaces, thank goodness, not that if it wasn’t I wouldn’t wear them lol, but quite honestly the best statement necklaces, for me that is, are vintage necklaces. So quite honestly, I’d say splurge on your best friends and go easy on the rest.

For those of you lucky enough to be able to wear wool, if you would like to soften up the crown jewels and want to go all out with the wardrobe, checkout this phenomenal vintage 1970s Geoffrey Beene Red Plaid Dress. Match it up with thigh high boots and you’ve got two trends in one.

Stay tuned for next weeks tips on Global Fashion, and in the mean time, I’m giving it a smile, a wink & smooches,
Stephanie M. Guerra “Stiletto”, Fashion & Personal Stylist

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