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Fit Clinic: Dressing with Large Busts

Posted by Natali on Jul 2nd 2014

Dressing different body types can be tricky. Different cuts and styles are better suited to certain body types, as we’ve discussed in the last two posts of Back in Style’s Fit Clinic. This week, we’ll focus on dressing figures with large busts. To flatter large busts, follow these guidelines:


Pick shift and sheath dresses. Look for drop-waist dresses to minimize the amount of fabric higher on your figure. Open necklines are also flattering for women with larger busts. Lastly, wrap dresses are a great solution for this problem area, as well as many other problem areas.

Pencil skirts are especially flattering for women with large busts. Pencil skirts create balance and enhance the illusion of an hourglass figure. Shop for pencil skirts like this Roland Mouret skirt. A-lines are also flattering on this body type, but look for skirts that have a defined waistline. Pick skirts that sit low on the hips to balance out this body type.

Pick low-rise pants and wide-leg trousers, such as theseĀ Diane von Furstenberg Ultra Wide Leg Jeans. These pants will bring more focus on your lower body and draw attention away from your bust. Bootcut pants also flatter this body type for the same reasons.

Look for tops with distinct necklines. V-necks, scoop necks, and square necks will flatter large busts. These necklines create an open area of skin that will make your bust appear smaller. Pick long, tailored or fitted tops and jackets for a polished, streamlined look.

What to avoid if a large bust is your problem area: Anything that adds volume to the bust area. Avoid high necklines as well as pockets, ruffles, or pleats on the chest. This will only make you appear larger. Avoid empire waists and cowl-necks, as well as button-downs. Wide belts will cut your figure in half and make you look disproportional. High-waisted bottoms should also be avoided for the same reasons.

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