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Fit Clinic: How to dress for your body type

Posted by Sheffield on Jun 6th 2014

Depending on your body type, different styles will flatter or falter your shape.  Here’s a quick guide (broken down into 4 parts, for 4 different problem areas) on how to disguise your problem area, and how to pick clothing styles that flatter your body shape.  Simply put, it’s how to dress for your body type.

Tummy Trouble! If your problem area is your tummy, or your body type is an apple, follow these guidelines:Tummy Trouble!  If you stomach is your problem area follow these style guidelines on how to dress for your body type.

Pick dresses that are ruched or gathered around the stomach to hide your flaws.  Wrap dresses also work well because they create a sense of movement away from your waist.

Pick high waisted A line skirts.  The higher waist emphasizes the smallest part of your middle thus making you look slimmer.  The A line shape draws the eye outward away from your waist, and creating an hourglass shape giving you the illusion of a nipped waist.

Pick flat front, plain waist pants.  The less attention you bring to your problem area, the better, so pick pants that are free of details, embellishments or anything that would attract the eye.  High waist and long wide legs will also elongate your legs and make your waist look smaller.

Pick tops that either keep the eye moving (like a wrap top, or shirt with gathered mid section), or hide the sides of your waist (a cardigan sweater left open, or a nipped jacket).

What to avoid if you tummy is your problem area:  Anything that draws attention to your waist like patch pockets near the waist, or shirts that are embellished at the hem.  Tops that stop at the waist will also create a break in your body line causing your mid section to look bigger.  Also stay away from anything that is boxy, flowy, or adds volume, like pleated pants, or sheer tops.  They will only make you look bigger.

Be sure to check back next week!  We will be giving you tips on how to create curves when you don’t have any!


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