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How Loungewear Has Transformed Into Luxury Clothing

Dec 23rd 2018

With the sun now setting well before 4:30 pm, the slow onset of winter is more than enough to make even the most social of us want to do nothing more after a long day at work than relax on the sofa in pajamas with a good series on the TV. This cosy, after-work style is not at the peak of fashion and we have reached what is known as “sofa dressing”.

With terms such as “sleepleisure” being used to describe it, and it is showing a big shift towards comfort. Much like the 2012 “cosy boy” style phenomenon , which included soft sweatpants and baseball jerseys, celebs, such as Rihanna and Kendall Jenner, are getting in on the trend.

One of the brands to know is Les Girls Les Boys , which is the label from Agent Provocateur founder, Serena Rees. They sell designer lingerie , but they also have an extensive collection of hoodies, t-shirts and shorts to sleep and lounge in. Forget the term hygge, Les Girls Les Boys describes it as “bed to street”.

This huge move to reclaim comfort as style and to wear these clothes outside of the home has been underway for years. Pajamas have now transformed from a late school run to a Saturday night ensemble, whilst the duster robe, once essentially known as a dressing gown, has become a huge favourite with fashion editors and celebrities.

However, now the trend has focused on the clothes you would usually wear in the comfort of your own home, never to be seen in public. The oversized t-shirt you’ve had for years which you effortlessly style with leggings and slippers. Or even the pajama shorts and dressing gown. The nightdress you change into hours before bedtime.

If you believe that loungewear is just fashion speak for old pajamas, then you couldn’t be further away from the truth. Pajama style clothing sales are up 29% compared to this time last year. Lingerie designers at Marks and Spencer’s have described the concept as consisting of super soft fabrics, layered in contemporary silhouettes, with their Rosie For Autograph collection sales increasing with each season.

This trend is presented as being the opposite of perfectly tasteful and very expensive loungewear that you see influencers wearing on Instagram. There is no need to wear makeup or have perfectly groomed hair here. This situation is, instead, one for a scruffy top knot, no makeup and an early night.

But, before you pull on your fluffy slipper socks, there is a disclaimer to be aware of. Whilst at home you are in your safe space with your nearest and dearest, but your idea of sofa dressing may well fall under the idea of self care. However, if your loungewear looks good and is in style, then why hide it away?

Boundaries between casual and formal dressing are becoming increasingly blurred. The importance of wearing modern loungewear both in and outside of the home has become increasingly important and is a popular category, which has grown significantly over the past decade.

In short, the lines which once cut a neat divide in between the different spheres of our life - the bedroom, the office and the living room, are now becoming extremely blurred. Where we may have only once worn pajamas in the bedroom and worn heels for work or a night out, these formal niceties are slowly on the way out. Cross-over items, such as leggings, nightwear and sweatpants are increasing more and more.