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Jord Sustainable Wooden Watches Review and Giveaway!

Posted by Steven on Feb 18th 2014

The ladies and gentleman of have always been huge supporters of green retail.  In fact, we participate by helping to divert some of the 2.5 BILLION pounds of clothing that actually gets recycled every year.  That’s why we were so excited when we had a chance to work with the Jord Wooden Watch Company.

Jord (Swedish for Earth, soil, land) is a watchmaker dedicated to bringing people back to nature.  They try to create truly unique, fashionable timepieces sourced from around the world and using sustainable materials.  These criteria all lead to a watch that, in their own words, tells more than time, and we would have to agree.

ely-10-front-angledOur watch arrived on Valentines Day, which made us feel super special.  Packaged in a paper box (no doubt recycled and recyclable), we thought it would make a very presentable gift with just a touch of ribbon.  After opening the box we were greeted by our Ely Series, smaller faced watch in Maple, resting on a Jord Signature Cotton Pillow.

Our first impressions of this watch had a lot to do with the color of the Maple and the overall size of the watch.  Now that things seem to be settling down a little in the extreme watch-face size trends, we were pleased to see a very nicely sized watch that doesn’t overwhelm the wrist.  Overall we felt this was an excellent unisex or ladies watch, even at first glance. The color was a very even warm cream tone, with the grain creating beautiful, one of a kind details.  Below you can see examples from their entire watch line:

We loved wearing this watch over the weekend, it is amazingly light and comfortable.  Despite the lightness the bezel and movement had a very sturdy look and feel to it.  I never found myself worrying about breaking a link or something like that.  One thing you should be aware of though is that these watches are splash proof but not water resistant.  This didn’t surprise us with all of the precision cuts to make the links, you definitely don’t want this watch to become soggy and warp.

So how can you get one of these for yourself?  Well, you can go to and order it for yourself, or you can do these 2 tasks and be entered to win one of Jords fine wooden watches:

  1. Go to Facebook and like Jord’s Page
  2. While you are there like’s Page

If you already liked us on Facebook then just post a shoutout on our page and we will enter you to win!

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