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Magazine Monday- Eyelet Edition

Posted by Sylver Penney on Jun 3rd 2013

White Eyelet DressDon’t you just love this dress? It is absolutely breathtaking.  This summer is a great time to bring out the eyelet dresses, and let loose.  These dresses are very trendy right now and bring some fun into your outfit.

Back In has a very similar dress to the one featured on the left, designed by Victor Costa.  Victor Victor Costa DressCosta’s dresses in the 60s and 70s were very popular.  Rightly so, like the dress below, Costa’s dresses were nothing but elegant and elaborate.   Many designers  believe Victor Costa is the “Copycat King.”  He started out as a bridal gown designers but quickly became bored and wanted to adventure out.  He was given the name “Copycat King” because he would copy a runways designs and make his own more affordable line.

Back In has more of his dresses here.

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