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Magazine Monday: Spring Trend, Rosettes

Posted by Sheffield on Apr 9th 2012

Rosettes TrendAnother hot trend for spring are rosettes.  Also called florets, or flower, these small three dimensional flowers add a touch of femininity and spring to what ever you are wearing.  Rosettes are great on accessories, as seen here, but they also add whimsey to dresses and tops, like the Moschino purple chiffon blouse.  If rosettes seem too girly, try a floret made out of leather, like the blue pumps below.  Adding a flower to a conservative knit dress, like the Raul Blanco red and black knit dress can make it feel more youthful and modern.  No matter how you choose to wear a flower, it is an easy way to freshen up your spring wardrobe.

Moschino purple chiffon blouse with rosettesBlue leather pumps with rosette  Raul Blanco red knit dress with rosette flower

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