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Magazine Monday: Top Handled Satchels

Posted by Sheffield on Jun 11th 2012

Magazine Monday:  Put away those over giant purses that get so heavy you can’t even carry them, and are so large that you can’t find anything inside.  Instead, this spring/summer, look more lady like, sophisticated, and organized (and leave the back pain at home), by carrying a chic top handle satchel.  Reminiscent of the 1960s, these bags are practical and stylish.  Top handle bags are enough to carry everything you need, but force you to leave  the superfluous stuff behind.  They stand upright with more structure, and give you a put together look when carried in your hand.  Need both hands, no problem.  Just slip the handle over your wrist, for a very demure and gentile look.

Top Handled Satchels

Check out these top handled satchels from Back In Style!


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