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Miami Blogger shares tips on Fiercely Thirftin’

Posted by Janessa Cuba on Jan 29th 2015

Veronica in a Vintage Fur Coat and Thigh High Boots

We invited Miami fashion blogger Veronica Canales (Fiercly Thriftin’) over for some fun! Veronica is an avid thrifter and has a true passion for fashion. We played dress up and hung out while chatting about blogging, Miami Fashion, and style. Her love for vintage, fur, and costume jewelry gives this blogger a slightly different edge than the rest: she’s an old soul. As Veronica browsed our showroom of fur coats, vintage and designer gowns; we couldn’t help but giggle as she would yell out “This is fierce!” and “This is killing the game!” Scroll down to see more pics and what tips she has for you when thrifting.

Walls of Vintage Shoes and a Little Bling Veronica's Vintage Outfit, getting her hair just right :-) Miami Cool, Fiercly Posin'

Hittin' the streets in a Vintage Fascinator, vintage sunglasses, and a vintage cocktail dress.

BIS: Where would you say you get your style inspiration from? 

FiercelyThiftin': I would probably say Street Style.

BIS: Why and when did you start blogging?

FiercelyThiftin': I started blogging January 1, 2012. I started because I went to a high school that was filled with very wealthy students. I guess because of my age I was a little envious. So, I would just go to thrift stores and buy a bunch of clothing to try to look like them. They would buy a pair of Steve Madden sandals that would cost $180, and I would have to work like nine hours to be able to afford that. So once I graduated, I kind of got over it and came up with the idea of starting a blog for people who can’t really afford things like that but love to dress up. I started blogging about thrift stores, since I had been thrifting from the age of 11 and 12. My mom would take us. And I just started to do it because I was broke.

BIS: That’s cool! So you’re kind of like a budget fashionista.

FiercelyThiftin': Yeah, its budget fashionista. I think it’s really relatable. I know not everyone focuses on dressing well, or on their exterior, but I care about it. I like to dress up, because that’s how I feel good about myself. I also think that it helps with self esteem! You don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to dress well. If you have the funds go for it! But if you don’t, it’s cool to see blogs that can give you inspiration on $5 outfits.

BIS: Do you have any advice for fellow thrifters?

FiercelyThiftin': If you go to Goodwill and Salvation Army they have fitting rooms so you’re fine. If you visit Red, White, and Blue or garage sales always wear very fitted workout shorts or leggings because there will be no fitting rooms and you’ll have to try things over your clothes. Always check clothes inside and out! (Pit stains!) Check purses and shoes well inside!


Veronica is wearing the following items that can be found on our website:

Vintage 1960s Christian Dior Black Mini Dress

Vintage Dark Mink Fur Capelet

Calvin Klein Black Leather Thigh High Boots

Vintage Jacques Fath Green Oversized Round Sunglasses

St. John Vintage 1980s Black Dress with Feather & Sequin Collar (she styled the belt as a choker!)

1960s Off Black Textured Handbag

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