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Posh & Professional: Bad Weather Blues

Posted by Natali on Jan 26th 2015

With a potentially record-breaking winter blizzard heading towards the Northeast this week, all fashionistas are very aware of the need to combine fashion with utility in these situations. Never fear, you can still look posh & professional even in harsh wintry conditions. Beat the bad weather blues in your 9-to-5 with these tips!

*Dec 19 - 00:05*Invest in a good coat.

A good option for bad weather is a trench coat. This style of coat maintains the professional yet chic appearance you’ve worked at during the sunny months. Its a classic coat with the ability to cinch at the waist, a flattering option in a sea of big, puffy coats. But, make sure that your coat is big enough to fit over your blazer without wrinkling it. Another option is the classic pea coat to keep you warm, posh and professional!

Don’t forget your umbrella!

Knowing what the weather will be like throughout the day can be tricky. Err on the side of caution and bring your umbrella with you! It may be helpful to keep one umbrella at work and another at home or in your car to make sure you won’t get caught in the rain. Avoid cheap umbrellas because they will be more likely to fly back in windy weather.

Wear boots, but bring a change of shoes.

Wear you rain boots or snow boots to work. Everyone is in the same boat, trying to both be professional and dry for a day at the office. Bring another pair of nice shoes in your purse, or keep them at the office, so you can change once you’re indoors.

Maintain your mane!

Keep your hair simple on bad weather days. Your chances of having a good hair day in these conditions is not likely, so go for the simple, easy look for a professional appearance. If your coat has a hood, use it or carry your umbrella to somewhat save your style.

Layer, layer, layer!

Layering is probably the most important aspect of winter fashion. Wear tights, thick sweaters, whatever it takes to stay warm! For corporate offices, nude or sheer tights are preferred, but black tights are also acceptable.

Want to make sure you dress your best for your office? Keep checking back for the next segment of Posh & Professional!

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