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Pretty In Plaid: How to Rock Vintage Plaid Prints

Posted by Natali on Nov 5th 2014

In the Scottish Highlands, plaid was used to distinguish between different clans. In the world of fashion, plaid has a whole new meaning. Vintage plaid prints have earned a place in the hearts of every fashionista in the same way as animal prints. Plaid can be found in many different forms, from shirts and dresses to shoes and accessories. Plaid is the ultimate go-to print for anyone wanting to stay warm and chic this season.

Why is plaid so popular? There’s a print and style for everyone! From punk plaid of the 1980’s to grunge plaid popular in the 1990’s to the hipster style taking over today, plaid is definitely here to stay. Shopping for vintage plaid gives your look a unique spin. Because so many people wear this print today, opt for vintage prints to set your style apart. Here’s how you should wear this print:

Classic 1980's Plaid Wool Skirt

Classic 1980’s Plaid Wool Skirt

Focus your Outfit!

Pick either a plaid top or bottom to balance out a stylish outfit. Avoid too much plaid as it can be overwhelming. Try a plaid skirt with a neutral top for your next holiday gathering. It’s a festive classic perfect for the season. Wear your plaid with equestrian boots or other simple shoes to keep the focal point of your look on this fabulous print.

This 1980s Classic Plaid Wool Skirt is a perfect starting point for having fun with plaid! The classic silhouette is sure to impress and the material is perfect for the cooler months. The traditional plaid would go well with a cream top, like the one seen here. Other good pairings would be the navy blue, hunter green, red and yellow found in the print itself. There are many ways to style this skirt, and others, to fit your own preferences. All you need to do is find your print and get started!

Burberry Window Pane Plaid Circle Handbag

Burberry Window Pane Plaid Circle Handbag


If vintage plaid apparel isn’t appealing to you, try out this pattern on a smaller scale. Accessories, like purses, shoes, etc. are just the way to wear plaid without overwhelming your outfit. A plaid accessory is a fun way to add a little vintage prep vibe into your outfit.

An easy way to wear plaid is with this Vintage Burberry Window Pane Plaid Circle Handbag. When you think of plaid, you can’t help but think of Burberry, with its ever popular signature cream plaid print. This particular bag is a classic Burberry piece. A vintage 1980’s treasure, this Burberry purse is extremely versatile and can be worn as either a cross body bag or shoulder bag, depending on your preference.

Vintage Pendleton Multi Colored Plaid Coat

Vintage Pendleton Multi Colored Plaid Coat

Bundle up!

Lastly, try adding a plaid coat to your wardrobe for a unique seasonal option. There’s no reason why any fashionista should be confined to a boring black or grey coat this winter. Stay warm in vintage plaid with a great coat.

A vintage favorite is this Vintage Pendleton Multi-Colored Plaid Coat! This 1970’s find is sure to ward off those winter blues. The light brown plaid allows for a variety of different outfit options to choose from. Its a fun way to look good and stay warm!

So take your pick of vintage plaid as the weather gets cooler! With so many different options to choose from, you’re sure to be the warmest and chicest fashionista out there!

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