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Scale the Ladder of Success with Snakeskin

Posted by Sylver Penney on Aug 14th 2013


Snakeskin is highly popular this season, front and center on ads for Gucci, Ferragamo and Michael Kors. Just in this magazine ad from Marie Claire there are two of the three mainstream labels presented.  The bag by Ferragamo for $1,490 and the Cuffs made by Michael Kors for $395.

Vintage Ferragamo Clutch

Our buy two get one free sale might be over, but you still have a chance at SAVING 90%!    Want to know how? If you get our Ferragamo Navy Blue Clutch with Snake Skin Detail, you only have to pay $150 versus the $1490 they’re asking!  Now, if that isn’t a sale, I’m not sure what is!

Vintage Sixties Carlos Falchi Snake Skin Clutch

I also love this 1960s Carlos Falci snakeskin clutch.  It looks very similar to the clutch in the article by Givenchy.  Our is only $200, while theirs is $1945! Again, a 90% savings, amazing!


When wearing snakeskin, you don’t have to go out and wear a snakeskin dress, and accessories. In fact, I think it is much classier and put together when you dress simply and spice up the outfit with snakeskin.  It reminds people about the details, the details so many people forget to think of.  By adding a clutch, or some pumps or even wearing sunglasses with snakeskin borders it adds a lot to the outfit with only adding a little extra effort. Trust me, if you’re trying to scale the ladder of success, the details matter!

Hurry in and shop now! 


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