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Sister Societea’s Tips for Dressing in Vintage

Posted by Natali on Aug 20th 2014

Nothing says glamor like old Hollywood. Think Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor. These women were elegant, stylish and sophisticated. How can you bring this classic style to a modern world? It’s simple! Here are a few tips to make your style a little more glamorous.


Old Hollywood was all about the bling! In fact, Elizabeth Taylor was known for her lavish jewelry collection. When it comes to Hollywood glam, the bigger and brighter the better! Your jewelry should wow people and make a statement.


All of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry had a story to tell and reminded her of wonderful memories with the people she loved. Your jewelry should do the same! What’s fun about vintage jewelry is that it already carries so many stories. Now it’s your turn to make your own memories in your favorite piece.


Red lips and long lashes are perfect for your Old Hollywood look. This makeup style was as dramatic as the women who wore it. Be bold when it comes to this classic look. Try a cat eye by using liquid liner on your upper lid. Use a more subtle brown powder on the lower lid to play up the cat eye! Eye shadow wasn’t as popular back then, so if you must use it, make sure to use natural colors. As for blush, a subtle pink adds a nice touch.



Old Hollywood hair was voluptuous and natural looking waves were all the rage. Women achieved this look by putting wet hair in rollers and sleeping with it overnight. Once the hair had dried, they brushed the curls to get relaxed waves. If desired, you can achieve a similar look with a curling iron.


Fashion during this era was form fitting, and fabrics were flowing. Beading was very popular and often covered entire gowns. Pieces were tailored to show off a woman’s curves and accentuate her best features. To accomplish this look, it’s best to shop vintage, which you can do right here!

Sister Societea in their favorite Back in Style outfits!

Sister Societea in their favorite Back in Style outfits!

About Sister Societea:

Dani Gregorie resides in Los Angeles and previously worked as a fashion blogger for Secret Charm Clothing. She is currently hosting a new YouTube interview series, Sister Societea, with her sister Ryley. You can check out their interview with Disney’s Emmy Bucker online now! Their next episode will star Dani’s style icon and favorite model, Janelle Allisa. Don’t miss it!

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