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Spring is Here! Stand out in Pucci Resort Wear

Posted by Steven on Mar 6th 2015

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It is almost spring break and you are longing for warmer weather. The Emilio Pucci for Formfit Rogers (EPFR) label was originally intended to be a lingerie line, but we think it is better as Emilio Pucci for Resorts (still EPFR!).  Get ready to pack your bags (including your vintage Pucci resort wear) and read on to find out why.

So, Why Emilio Pucci for Resorts?

Emilio Pucci began in fashion by designing the uniforms for the Reed College skiing team.  The durable, colorful printed fabrics paved the way for his travel friendly designs in the 1960s and 1970s.  He also ventured into lingerie under the Emilio Pucci for Formfit Rogers label. Today, the Emilo Pucci label stays true to the bright colors and bold prints.  Pucci’s designs made for excellent travel and resort wear for several reasons:

  • Fabrics were lightweight and unstructured so they didn’t weigh down your suitcase and you could pack lots of them!
  • Fabrics breathed so you could stay cool in warmer climes or layer over the piece to warm up.
  • Pucci EPFR items were usually made of Nylon which doesn’t wrinkle and is machine washable.
  • Pucci prints were bright and colorful, and often inspired by the ocean

Make Any Outfit More Interesting with a Pucci Scarf

You can take any simple, comfortable outfit and make it come alive with a Pucci Scarf.  The broad color palettes and bright patterns mean that you can match several outfits with only one or two scarves in complementary colors.  The patterns also make great accent pieces to draw people’s attention, and add some unique style to any look.

We have seen these scarves used as everything from belts, to bandanas, even used as artwork! These works of art are easy to travel with as they take up very little space, and are so versatile.  A vintage pucci scarf is a practical must have on your packing list!

Simplify your Vacation by Wearing a Vintage EPFR Dress (as a Coverup!)

As mentioned above, Pucci made the ultimate pieces for travel, not only because of their light weight fabrics, but also because of their versatility.  A vintage EPFR slip dress makes a great coverup when getting out of the pool, heading to the spa, or enjoying a cocktail at the cabana.

Bonus! It also works well for sight seeing or in the evening while dining “al fresco”.  For daytime, throw on a slip dress over shorts and your bikini top or swimsuit.  For evening wear a vintage EPFR robe unbuttoned as a tunic over slacks and a tank.  An EPFR Slip dress or robe when styled correctly can be a great outfit, just make sure to be appropriately covered up!

Vintage Pucci looks so Modern

Although they are vintage, Pucci resort wear prints look very current. breaks down the Spring 2015 Pucci ready to wear lineup and you can see the vintage influence in the contemporary designs.  Need more inspiration, head over to our Vintage Pucci Pinterest Page.  Not yet convinced?  Check out some of our example polyvore sets below.

Cruise Collection by Emilio Pucci


Cruise Collection by Emilio Pucci


Emilio Pucci vintage robe

Vintage clip on earrings

Vintage glasses



Emilio Pucci white skirt

Kate Spade summer sandals

Beach hat

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