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Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Posted by Natali on Jan 8th 2015

The Vintage Fashionistas usually gush about style icons of the past. But what about today’s style icons? Olivia Palermo is an example of a modern-day style icon. Her style is simple, chic and always put-together. In a world of celebrity “hot messes”, Palermo is an icon we want to keep around for a while.

Here are some tips on how to get the Olivia Palermo look:

Olivia Palermo mixing prints

Olivia Palermo mixing prints

Always look polished.

Palermo always says that she never leaves the house unless she’s fully dressed, including hair and makeup. Incorporate this mindset into your own wardrobe choices. Strive for a complete outfit before leaving the house with evidence of thought put into your outfit. A polished look can make anyone look elegant and chic.

Dare to mix prints!

While Palermo goes for the polished look, she still shows that its ok to be playful with fashion. She isn’t afraid to mix unconventional prints. Like Palermo, you too can have fun with fashion. Don’t be afraid to mix two different prints if you know they’ll look good together.

Palermo's wedding look  © by Johannes Huebl

Palermo’s wedding look
© by Johannes Huebl

Break the rules.

There’s a reason Palermo is always on Best-Dressed lists and all over Pinterest. She’s this week’s style icon because she breaks the rules of conventional fashion in an incredibly chic way. She will wear white year round, a pink coat in October, fur in the spring, etc. In her recent wedding, she combined three Carolina Herrara pieces: a cream cashmere sweater, white shorts, and a full tulle skirt overlay. Her bridal look was definitely different, but undeniably chic.


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