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Style Icon: Twiggy

Posted by Natali on Aug 11th 2014

Twiggy in Vogue, October 1967

Twiggy in Vogue, October 1967

Style icons take many forms. One incredibly influential style icon is Twiggy. Twiggy was a successful model in the 1960s and continues to influence the fashion world today. She was famous for pushing the boundaries of the time. She was a trendsetter with her famous hair cut, love of short shift dresses, and intense eye makeup.Today, Twiggy works with Marks & Spencer on their billboards and advertisements. She was even featured on America’s Next Top Model as a judge for some time. Want the Twiggy look? Here’s how:

The Mini

In the 1960s, Twiggy was a favorite of designer Mary Quant, who came up with “The Chelsea Look”. Twiggy modeled many of these looks, so this style of dress came to be more closely associated with the model. The look featured skirts and dresses that came to about 6 or 7 inches above the knee, an incredibly scandalous look for the time.

The Shift Dress

Twiggy liked to highlight her best feature, her legs. She was featured in many ads wearing shift dresses, simple dresses that drew attention to her best asset. These dresses usually had an exaggerated collar or a big button on the front. These dresses came in a variety of prints and colors, but the shape stayed the same.


Men’s Accessories

Twiggy liked to push boundaries in fashion. She did not shy away from breaking fashion conventions, like wearing ties or men’s hats with her scandalous mini skirts. She broke fashion expectations, paving the way for women to wear men’s accessories in the future. While we may not think much of wearing a suit to a professional event, Twiggy played a part in making this acceptable for women.

“Dress your attitude, not your age.”

twiggyEven today, Twiggy pushes fashion boundaries. In a recent interview with “Woman & Home” magazine, the 64 year old stated that she doesn’t allow herself to be restricted by what she is “supposed” to wear, but instead chooses to wear what makes her happy. The Twiggy look is more than just dressing a certain style, but dressing for yourself.

Without a doubt, Twiggy has had a big influence on the fashion world. She made a splash in the 1960’s with her scandalous outfit choices, but is remembered today as a style icon. Twiggy’s style stems from more than just what she wore, but how she thought and how she continues to challenge the fashion world today.

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