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Stylist Secrets: How to Stylishly Master Layering Clothes

Posted by Natali on Jan 9th 2015

As many fashionistas know, the key to staying warm in chilly climates is the art of layering clothes. But you don’t have to look frumpy while bundled up! Follow these tips to master layering this winter:

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Be mindful of color palettes.

When layering, an easy way to ensure a chic look is to be mindful of the colors of clothing you’re using. If you start with neutral, stick with colors in the neutral family. If you go with jewel tones, stick with jewel tone layers. This is a solid option to make sure you stay stylish, but all rules are meant to be broken! If something stands out and you know it will look good layered, then don’t feel the need to follow this suggestion.

Preview proportions.

When layering clothing, its important that your different pieces fit together proportionally. You don’t want the hem of too extend too far past the hem of your coat. But, the hem can be longer if it’s floor length. When layering, there is a happy medium to strike between fashionable and frumpy. Avoid the awkward middle ground of a hem being just a bit too long or too short. That being said, also look at the proportions of clothing in terms of texture and bulkiness. You can wear something heavy with something light (think cashmere and silk) but avoid pairing bulky and heavy layers.

Mix and match prints.

Like yesterday’s style icon Olivia Palermo, don’t be afraid to mix and match prints when layering clothing! Try to keep a consistent element among the layers, like color tone, to keep the outfit looking polished and put together.

Scarf it up.

When in doubt, add a scarf to your layered look. Scarves are a great finishing touch and can easily replace jewelry to add flair to your wintry wardrobe. They can be worn and layered in so many different ways–the possibilities are endless!

Ready to master layering? Head to to complete any layered look!

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