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The Vintage Fashionistas

Magazine Monday: Top Handled Satchels

Posted by Sheffield on Jun 11th 2012

Magazine Monday:  Put away those over giant purses that get so heavy you can’t even carry them, and are so large that you can’t find anything inside.  Instead, this spring/summer, look mor … read more

Magazine Monday: Tuxedo Pants

Posted by Sheffield on Jun 4th 2012

    Tuxedo pants were hot on the Celine runway, but at $3200, who wants to take a chance on a trend.  Instead, Back In Style offers Theory white tuxedo pants for $50.  Now that is the perfect price a … read more

Magazine Monday: Wooden Bangles

Posted by Sheffield on May 28th 2012

  Earthy materials are so popular this spring/summer, and wooden jewelry is an easy way to embrace this trend.  Wooden bangles are comfortable, and easy to wear, and a neutral color that goes wi … read more

Magazine Monday: Basket Weave

Posted by Sheffield on Apr 23rd 2012

Spring Trend: Woven accessories are showing up everywhere, from shoes, to handbags, to necklaces.  And while they are au courant and of the moment, they certainly have a lot of vintage and retro eleme … read more

Magazine Monday: The Short Sleeve Sweater

Posted by Sheffield on Apr 16th 2012

Short sleeve and sleeveless sweaters are an easy way to transition from winter to spring, or vise versa.  Here Marie Claire shows us how to wear a short sleeve sweater with out looking frumpy or out o … read more