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The Vintage Fashionistas

Throwing Back to the Hippies

Posted by Sylver Penney on Aug 1st 2013

I must admit the WallStreet Journal is getting much better at fashion articles, in fact that is where I got this post, originally written by Megan Buerger. Before today’s hipster movement, ther … read more

What Kind of Jackets Are In?

Posted by Sylver Penney on Jul 29th 2013

We may not be the face of Estee Lauder, but we do have similar taste, we love the green jacket that is featured in this photo, by Figue.  As much as we love the jacket, we do not love the price ($1,4 … read more

Fashion Fact Friday: Eyelet Dresses

Posted by Sylver Penney on Jul 26th 2013

One of the biggest on going trends, especially around summer time is the eyelet dress.  It is so simple and yet adds so much to a dress.  But have you ever wondered where the idea of eyelet comes fro … read more

Magazine Monday! Antique Lace

Posted by Sylver Penney on Jul 8th 2013

    In the picture on the right, Sienna Miller was seen wearing a white lace top, perfect for summer! has the latest and the hottest trends around, including this white lace … read more