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Posted by Sylver Penney on Aug 2nd 2013

For the past 40 years, Pantone has been looked at as the Color Bible.  Companies like Apple, Nike, Pottery Barn, Kitchen Aid and J.Crew all rely heavily on the color prophecies made by Pantone.

emerald dress

Every year, Pantone selects a color to be “The Color of The Year” and fashion designers, marketers, anyone who advertises really goes and recreates their slogans and ads to fit this new color.

For 2013, the color of the year is Emerald, my aunts favorite stone.  I love the color, and think it can be flattering on almost anyone.  It’s great in adding a little extra “wow” to your outfit.  So many people these days only wear subtle colors or colors they are comfortable in,  but I think 2013 should be a time to spice things up.  Besides, the world was supposed to end, so why not live like it may.  Don’t be afraid to go crazy, dress however you want.  

If you do decide to dress in Emerald, has lots of Emerald things.  From dresses, to accessories and shoes, we have it all, you just have to click!

mollie parnis

Want even more exciting news? has a dress that is being featured in Pantone’s New Fashion Book that is being published in 2014!  How exciting is that! The dress that is being featured is a Mollie Parnis Lavender dress.  If you want this dress before it becomes a global sensation, you can get it now for only $75!

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