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The Miami New Times Best Second Hand Boutique is!

Posted by Steven on Jun 2nd 2014

The Miami New Time has released their Top 5 Second Hand Boutiques in Miami. There are some great shops in here, and we were truly honored to be their #1!  We love all the stores they included and feature them in our annual Miami Vintage Fashion Guide, the newest edition of which will be coming out soon!

The Showroom!

See what the new times had to say about us:

“Warning: You’ll pull up to the white, cottage-style house with the royal blue door, look around, and think, “Is this the spot?” Don’t worry; it is. As soon as you walk up the steps that lead you to that fateful blue door, you’ll realize exactly why we’ve guided you to this vintage treasure trove. Built in the 1920s, the cozy house-turned-boutique hoards one of the largest Emilio Pucci collections in the world.

And Pucci’s not the only iconic memorabilia that lives on the wooden floors of the house. The boutique specializes in a bevvy of vintage accouterments, from slinky American Hustle-style dresses to 1950s full-skirt frocks. The gang’s all there.

This boutique, however, differs from any other spot topping the list. The exclusivity of its appointment-only visits will make you feel part of your very own fashion secret society. The reason for the hush-hush behavior: “Vintage is a very personal experience,” Sheffield MacIntyre says. “If someone makes an appointment, then they get one-on-one styling, and then they get my knowledge of the inventory and I can look at their shape and kind of figure out what might work for them and what doesn’t.”

The pampered hospitality doesn’t stop at private visits. The boutique also has its own in-house seamstress to make sure that bespoke number hugs in all the right places. Expect to drop an average of $100 — pricey for some, but priceless for others.”

Be sure to read the entire article on the Miami New Times Blog, they have lots of other great shopping lists, and we certainly recommend using them to plan your trips and weekends here in Miami!

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