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The Vintage Fashionista’s Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Steven on Dec 11th 2015

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Time For a Little Last-Minute Magic

No matter how hard we try, we always seem to have a need for a last-minute holiday gift.  After a few years of scrambling, overpaying, and giving out IOU’s we have developed this go-to list for gifts. We have something for nearly everyone here, even Mom.

A Versatile Accessory for Him and Her:

1.  A Scarf or Pashmina – A great gift for her.  Scarves are so versatile, besides your standard neck option, you can wear them as belts, head-wraps, braided as bracelets and many other ways (Thanks Pinterest). Scarves are great for that style inclined friend or family member and can even be hung as wall art.  The Pashmina is another great option for that more practical or subtly styled recipient.  Another plus is you can’t get the wrong size for your recipient and they cost next to nothing to ship.

Vintage Scarves Make Great Gifts!2.  Cufflinks – Essentially the male equivalent of the scarf, a fun accessory that you can’t get wrong. If a guy is interested in style at all, you have lots of options that correspond with the recipients interests, hobbies, alma mater, and more.

Some Last-Minute DIY Options:

3.  DIY Hot Cocoa Kit – There are many options out there (Again, Thanks Pinterest) but we usually start with either a blank mug we can decorate (kits available at Michael’s), or any mug that appeals to your recipient.  Throw in some marshmallows, some chocolate on a stick, and wrap in cellophane and ribbon.  This is a great gift to give to a bunch of people without adding too much more time to the assembly.

Potted Herbs

4. Potted Plant/Herb Garden/Rosebush – The key here is to not give your intended recipient another chore, so I try to keep it simple and low maintenance.  Basil, Oregano and Rosemary are hard to kill and fit in small spaces.  We have also given citrus (Key Limes!) and rosebushes with great results.  Just buy the plant, some potting soil, and a decorative pot and assemble.  Plus you don’t have to wrap it.

Think Outside the Box:

5. Donation in their name – When all else fails this is an instant gift that just requires a little cash.  Pick a cause that is dear to them and make a donation to a charity that champions that cause on your recipients behalf.  Many charities let you print a certificate when making a donation on their website, which serves as the physical gift, along with a card.  We start with Charity Navigator for inspiration.

6. A Shared experience – Time is often the best gift you can give, and it doesn’t take up any more room in their house either.  Concert, movie or sports tickets are great for this, but our  go to gift is a Mani-Pedi for two, that way you can pamper yourself while enjoying quality time together. We always hit up groupon when we start searching here.

The Tried and True Classic:

7.  Framed Photos – As our lives digitize, there are fewer physical reminders of our meaningful relationships.  A framed photo will earn a special place in any recipients heart, especially mom’s since she has been asking you for a picture for the last 10 years.  Prints take only a few hours to make at the local drugstore, and we have put together 10 photo collages for less than $25.

Now, get to work, time is a wastin’ and there is never enough of it during the Holidays!

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