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The Wardrobe Update: Quality vs Quantity

Posted by Natali on Jan 5th 2015

Looking to update your wardrobe in 2015? The Vintage Fashionistas are here to help with tips on the best way to maximize your closet for a happy and fashionable you! First tip in The Wardrobe Update is choosing quality clothing over quantity. This is often easier said than done, but if you stick to this Quality vs. Quantity mindset, you’ll be more satisfied with your purchases in the long run!

buy less

So what does Quality vs. Quantity actually mean?

When you walk into your favorite store or start browsing the Internet marketplace, remember the mantra “Fewer Better Things”. While its tempting to want to keep up with this season’s biggest trend, do you really want to buy that cheap, trendy top that will likely fall apart after a couple wears?

Instead, save the money you would have spent on trendy pieces and invest in classic clothing that may seem pricier upfront, but will fit and flatter you for significantly longer. While an investment mindset is a great approach to updating your wardrobe, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with fashion! Just find the styles you genuinely like and opt for maybe a pricier item at the time of purchase, realizing it will actually cost you less over time. Replacing poor quality clothing again and again is a fate no fashionista wants to encounter!

For vintage lovers, this tip comes as good news! If a piece has survived this long, its definitely an indication of its quality! While you shouldn’t always be so focused on brand names, they may also help in your search for quality vintage fashion. And again, don’t shy away from a pricier item. If you really love the piece and its a quality item, then make room for it in your wardrobe!

Check back in for the next Wardrobe Update for more tips on how to shop for your closet!

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