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Throwback Thursday: Vintage Fashion from the 1930s!

Posted by Sylver Penney on Jul 25th 2013

Women’s fashion in the 1930s was more conservative than that of the optimistic 1920s. Another contrast in fashion in the 1930s from that of the decade before was a return to a more feminine look for ladies. Women’s curves were no longer being de-emphasized, skirts became longer, and clothes returned to being near the natural waistline. The 1930s was also the decade of the introduction of bra cup sizing.  New synthetic materials became increasingly used for the manufacture of fabrics. Rayon, wool, silk, and cotton were common materials for women’s fashion in the 1930s. But, by the end of the decade, nylon would be introduced as a replacement for silk.

1930s jacket has this beautifully simple yet sophisticated 1930s Peach Quilted Jacket.  It is a great representation of everything 1930s.  Nude colored, not grabbing everyone’s attention the way the wardrobes did in the ’20s yet it is interesting enough to catch the right persons eye. This jacket is 80 years old,  and it is in almost perfect condition.  There are a few pulls on the fabric, but for being as old as my grandfather, I am very impressed.

Check out this, and all the other items we have from the 1930’s.


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