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Top 5 Fashion Tips for A Fabulous Kentucky Derby

Posted by Steven on Apr 26th 2016

It’s time for one of the most fashionable events of the year!
The Kentucky Derby!

Kentucky Derby Vintage Fashion Board

 What will you be wearing on May 7th?

If you are not sure or want a little help, just follow our Top 5 Fashion Tips!

  1. A Dress: Tea Length is the traditional favorite, but Maxi-length and even skirt/blouse outfits can be found on the infield!
  2. Matchy-Matchy Shoes, Sunglasses and Handbag: Well coordinated is the goal here. Conservative daytime is the dress code. Extra points for Gloves.
  3. A Mint Julep: Best served in a frosty tin cup! Some say this is the most important accessory, but we beg to differ…
  4. A Fabulous Hat: The more ornate and outlandish, the better. But if you’re not comfortable with an attention grabbing hat, try a fascinator a la Kate Middleton.
  5. When in doubt, wear anything with red roses on it, the unofficial symbol of the Kentucky Derby.

As you can see, it isn’t so hard to look chic for this fun and exciting event. Shop our Kentucky Derby Fashion Pinterest Page to see what vintage hats, dresses, and vintage handbags we recommend! Or leave any questions you may have in the comments!

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