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Trend Alert: Zipper Up!

Posted by Sylver Penney on Jul 19th 2013

thierryZippers in today’s fashion are becoming more and more of a fashion statement, the bigger the zipper the nicer the clothes.  They are also becoming a signature by designers such as  Michael Kors, Dior and Calvin Klein. They are being put on the front of clothing items such as sweaters, blouses, dresses, jackets, skirts, etc., to provide more of an attention grabbing detail.

Michael Kors said “For fall, we put zippers front and center because they’re fast, they’re graphic, and they’re industrial, like a great city.”

tse gray

In general, metal zippers, usually gold, bronze, aluminum or silver, and plastic zippers are more likely to become stuck and break than polyester nylon coil zippers. The nylon coil material is more flexible, allowing the zipper to “selfheal,” meaning the coils reconnect back into place after the zipper’s slider passes over the problem spot.  Before you buy an item with a zipper, run the zipper up and down a couple of times, if it is already giving you problems, chances are that will not change and you should not buy the item.  If the zipper does in fact get stuck, don’t keep trying to jam its way up, unzip it and try all over again.

At first, zippers were mainly used in galoshes and tobacco pouches. The term zipper comes from a marketing campaign by B.F. Goodrich for its rubber galoshes in the 1920s.

If you are a fan of this new trend of large and visible zippers, check out some of these items has!



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