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Trendy Tuesday: Suede Heeled Loafers

Posted by Sheffield on Aug 7th 2012

In Lucky Magazine’s Editor’s Pick for fall there were a cute pair of suede heeled loafers.  But at the $415 price tag, they didn’t seem THAT cute.  Back In Style, on the other hand, has a pair of Escada olive green suede heeled loafers, and at only $25 they are SUPER cite, and definitely worth it for following the Parisian Chic, almost nerdy menswear trend!  Oh, and did I mention that the Escada loafers are brand new and have never been worn.  Now that’s a real bargain, brand new Escada shoes for $25!    Escada Suede Heeled Loafers

Click here to purchase these Escada loafers, or for more info including sizing.

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