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Wear Now, Wear Later: Summer to Fall

Posted by Natali on Jul 23rd 2014

Its never too early to start thinking about your fall wardrobe. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your favorite summer dresses! Sometimes, all you need is a jacket and a pair of boots for your perfect fall outfit. Continue reading for “Wear Now, Wear Later” outfit inspiration!

Outfit #1

Wear Now Wear Later

This Multi Colored Striped Cotton Seersucker Sundress has summer written all over it. The 1950s vibe of the dress and its preppy color scheme make it a great option for any casual summer occasion. For jewelry, these thin gold hoop earrings complement the colors of the dress well with their pale green striped effect. Pair the dress with gold sandals and a natural woven basket purse to complete your summer outfit.

To transition this dress into fall, switch the sandals for ballet flats and add a denim jacket for warmth. Complete the outfit with this Andrew Gellar 1960s handbag. The olive green color of the handbag will tie the outfit together for its fall transition.

Outfit #2

Wear Now Wear Later #2

Transition this bright Needle & Thread Abstract Jersey Dress easily between summer and fall with a change of accessories! A cool summer look includes woven sandals and a big bohemian purse. The comfortable and earthy feel of the sandals balances out the bright geometric pattern of the jersey dress. Simple bracelets, like these three gold bangles, complete this hippie chic look.

For colder weather, add a leather jacket, like this Bottega Veneta Leather Jacket. The woven pattern and warm brown color make it a unique find! Opt for a pair of high brown boots to take the dress into fall, such as this retro 1970s pair. To break up the brown in the boots and jacket, pick a bright purse in a color found in the dress.

Outfit #3

Wear Now Wear Later #3

The final outfit centers on this vintage 1980s khaki shirt dress. The open lace back of the dress adds a funky, unexpected element. For a summer look, don’t shy away from bright accessories. The 1960s Ingber Orange Linen and Wood Retro Bermuda Handbag adds a mod pop of color. Add these Stuart Weitzman Camel Thatch Flats for a textured dimension to the outfit. Lastly, top of the outfit with a necklace, like this Burnt Orange & Beige Long String of Beads from the 1970s.

For a fall look, try adding a scarf, like this 1970s Lavender Paisley Pattern Scarf. A scarf will add an extra layer for chillier months while incorporating color into the outfit. Switch out flats for a pair of low booties, like this Miu Miu pair. The low booties add a distinctively fall feel to the outfit and incorporate an edgy element to the dress. Complete the outfit with a metallic purse, like this minimalist chic Sergio Rossi bag.

The transition between summer and fall is not difficult. All you need are some different accessories to take your favorite summer dresses into fall!

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