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What We’re Watching: Jersey Boys

Posted by Natali on Jun 19th 2014

We’re excited for the release of Jersey Boys this Friday, June 20th! Based on the story of the iconic 1960’s rock group “The Four Seasons”, this Broadway hit is coming to the big screen this weekend! The original Broadway show won four Tonys and is still thriving, so the big screen version will have even bigger shoes to fill.

jersey boysJersey Boys is the story of the rise of The Four Seasons, four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey. The film focuses not only on the fame and fortune of the group, but their personal struggles and clashes. The glue that keeps the men together is their allegiance to a code of honor that they learned on the rough and tumble streets of New Jersey. The iconic sound of the group, especially Frankie Valli’s famous falsetto, will have a special place in music history. Jersey Boys gives us a glimpse of the people behind the music.

Boyfriends Back (l to r) Kara Tremel, Lauren Decierdo and Leslie Taylor Oct 12 - photo by Jeremy Daniel

While we can’t wait to see the movie itself, the fashion of the 1960’s is also sure to take center stage. Think big hair, lots of piping, shades of brown and suede. The Four Seasons favor matching suits on stage, similar to the early Beatles. Women’s fashion of the early years of the 1960’s was influenced by the timeless elegance of First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. Expect to see the famous pillbox hat, shift dresses, and full-skirted evening gowns. Check out the Back In Style website for even more 1960’s inspiration!

Still from Jersey Boys

We’re curious to see how Clint Eastwood handles his first musical venture as a director. He’s made quite a name for himself in Hollywood, but the musical seems like foreign territory for this Hollywood icon. How will Eastwood’s penchant for gritty Westerns and crime thrillers like Dirty Harry translate to the glitz and glam of Broadway? We can’t wait to find out!

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