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YSL Brand Overhaul To Increase Value Of Vintage Pieces

Posted by Sheffield on Jul 5th 2012

You May Want to Start Buying Your Vintage YSL Now, as Brand’s Overhaul Is Set to Make Values Soar

Vintage YSL

As if vintage YSL items weren’t sought after enough already, the brand’s recent overhaulis about to make them all the more covetable.

According to Christos Garkinos, co-owner of famed vintage boutique Decades, whenever a brand hires a new creative director, there is a sense of a new era beginning, and “the prior designer’s pieces become more collectible.” Add to that the fact that the new designer will be completely overhauling the brand’s image and logo, and you’ve got a recipe for a seriously collectible–and therefore more valuable–vintage market.

“I strongly believe that the makeover of the brand will increase the value of neo-vintage [from the] Tom Ford and Stefano Pilati era as well as true vintage [from the] Yves Saint Laurent era,” Garkinos said.

Garkinos partner, Decades co-owner, Cameron Silver agreed, saying that items baring the original YSL or Yves Saint Laurent logo will have more “novelty.”

“I think promotional logo pieces, or unusual objects, like table art, and costume jewelry that uses the YSL logo–like say, a YSL gold necklace from the nineties–will definitely increase in value,” Silver said.

But, he added that the change in value for YSL clothing may not be quite as dramatic. “YSL is not a logo driven house,” he said. “The codes are so much stronger than the logo. It’s not known for its monogram in the sam way as, say, Louis Vuitton.”

So what exactly does this mean for you? Well, for starters, if you’re watching any vintage YSL on eBay right now, you may want to think about purchasing. An eBay spokeswoman told us, “When the YSL logo does in fact change [for the new collection] we expect an increased appetite amongst shopping enthusiasts for Yves Saint Laurent products.” And as any good econ student knows: When demand soars–so does price. So again, it might be time to start purchasing before the logo officially changes next spring–consider it an investment!

Here are some of the still affordable vintage YSL items available at Back In Style.

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