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Vintage 1960s Emilio Pucci Velvet Clutch

Emilio Pucci

8 x 6
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This vintage Emilio Pucci clutch is one of Pucci's signature 1960s items.  Take a look at the original 1960s advertisement that includes this print!  Everyone will know just from seeing this vintage clutch that it is the real deal!  The vintage designer clutch has a bold geometric pattern with bright hues of blue, green, red, white, black, pink, yellow and white.  This vintage 1960s clutch is a rectangle shape and an envelope style with a front flap.  The front flap has angled edges and a black leather border.  Once the front flap is opened there are two compartments. One larger slip pocket and a coin purse compartment which has gold clasp a top. Once opened there is a small compartment with two slip pockets. The back of this vintage Pucci clutch is plain geometric print velvet.  This vintage velvet clutch is very chic and can easily work from day to evening, after all it is a vintage Pucci.

Label: Emilio Pucci by Jana

Size: Small Clutch

Measurements: 8 x 6

Era: 1960s

Condition: Excellent vintage condition.  Does shoe some minor wear.  9 out of 10.