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The Vintage Fashionistas

Springtime Hats, Where is my Easter Bonnet?

Posted by Steven on Mar 28th 2015

The Origin of the Easter Bonnet Like all fashionable women, I will use any excuse to go shopping. Apparently this is nothing new. Easter Bonnets became a popular tradition as an excuse to buy somethi … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Valentines Day

Posted by Natali on Feb 13th 2015

Shutterstock Who knew that the holiday of love has a fashionable history? Though Valentines Day didn’t become an official holiday until the early 20th century, the traditions that come with the … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: New Years Resolutions

Posted by Natali on Jan 2nd 2015

Happy New Year! Many people think of the new year as a time for change or a fresh start (one popular hashtag this week is #newyearnewme), which is why the tradition of new years resolution is so popul … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Black Friday

Posted by Natali on Nov 28th 2014

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends, enjoy each other’s company, and some delicious turkey. The day after Thanksgiving is a whole other story. The Friday after Thanksgiving, … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Leg warmers

Posted by Natali on Nov 14th 2014

While we now know how to dress for the decade, why were fashionistas of the 1980s so obsessed with leg warmers? These comfortable accessories weren’t the most practical fashion statement, but th … read more