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Dressing for the Decade: Glam 1970s Fashion

Posted by Natali on Oct 29th 2014

1970s fashion was as groovy as everything else about the decade. The hippie look from the 1960s carried over and new styles were introduced throughout the era. The style icons of the 1970s ranged from supermodel Jerry Hall to singer/songwriter Stevie Knicks. This decade that covered both the hippie look and disco fever has undoubtedly the most unique fashion in American history.

Thierry Mugler Vintage Striped Flannel Peasant Dress

Thierry Mugler Vintage Striped Flannel Peasant Dress

Haute Hippies

The easy going hippie look continued from the 1960s into 1970s fashion. This era introduced a distinct ethnic element into the style. Women favored Mexican beast blouses, Indian and Native American patterns. The prairie look, with its maxi skirts and peasant blouses, was still going strong. Women wore bell-bottoms, gauchos, and frayed jeans to complete their hippie look. Handcrafted accessories and accessories made from natural elements (like wood, shells, feathers and leather) replaced the usual jewelry. Flowing scarves, head bands, and Birkenstocks were popular too.

Blue jeans evolved into everyday wear during the 1970s. Fashionistas favored designer labels for the status symbol. Denim quickly became the ultimate American fashion symbol. Denim wasn’t just restricted to pants. 1970s fashion experimented with denim in many forms, like skirts, suits, vests, jackets and accessories. Bell bottoms were one of the most popular styles of blue jean as well as hip huggers for women.

1970s Glam

Diane Von Furstenberg in her popular wrap dress

Diane Von Furstenberg in her popular wrap dress

The changing music scene brought about evolving fashion. New style icons were in the spotlight, inspiring 1970s fashionistas. Glam rock became popular, along with it the outrageous fashion. Glam fashion used sequins everywhere and was distinct in its flamboyant bold clothing. The fabrics of this style diverged from the earthy nature of the hippie look. Clothing was made from fabrics like silk and velvet.

Along with glam rock, the 1970s had serious Disco fever. The dance and music craze brought decadence into this decade. Fashion was inspired by dance wear. At this time, Diane von Furstenberg made the jersey wrap dress fashionable. Today it is a staple of any fashionista’s closet.

1970s fashion was an inclusive decade, with many different styles for people to choose from. Its influence on fashion is still prevalent today.

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