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The Vintage Fashionistas

Vintage Inspired Window Shopping

Posted by Sheffield on Oct 21st 2015

Last weekend the vintage fashionistas decided to get our exercise by walking around Bal Harbour Shops and doing a little window shopping.  We figured if there was any place that knew what was in style … read more

Designer Spotlight: Betsey Johnson

Posted by Natali on Jan 12th 2015

Betsey Johnson has been America’s quirkiest fashion designer for a long time. Her edgy style rose in popularity in the late 1970s during the new wave era and is still popular today. Her brand is … read more

Magazine Monday: Fashion & Optical Illusions

Posted by Natali on Nov 16th 2014

  Who says fall fashion has to be dull? Hypnotizing prints are trending and can be worn in many different ways. Have fun with prints that double as an optical illusion. Check out the different p … read more

Dressing for the Decade: Glam 1970s Fashion

Posted by Natali on Oct 29th 2014

1970s fashion was as groovy as everything else about the decade. The hippie look from the 1960s carried over and new styles were introduced throughout the era. The style icons of the 1970s ranged from … read more

Style Icon: Jane Birkin

Posted by Natali on Aug 27th 2014

Love breezy bohemian style? Then Jane Birkin is your style icon! The British actress and singer not only inspired the fashion world with her 70s style, but also has her very own Hermes bag. Here’ … read more